1. Music racer

Do you like listening to music? Then you can combine business with pleasure. The Music Racer app will help you with this. Here you can train your reaction by listening to your favorite music tracks. The Music Racer app is based on the successful Tetris + Lines concept. Here you have to control the starship.

Starship flies along a three-lane “track”. He collects multi-colored cubes to build arrays of the same color from them. Overflowing “columns” is punishable by a fine, temporary ex-post or retirement. The space for movement is minimal. To the right or left of the bottom edge of the screen.

This process will help diversify interesting characters. For example, the Pointman can collect blocks and hold them until the right moment. Mono character will help you avoid the gray cubes and catch the rest. For lovers of harsh conditions at a difficult level, the side trunks have been removed. But the main thing here is your music.

The track is created by the in-game system. She analyzes any proposed composition and shows an intricate route. There are sharp turns, ups and downs. The speed of movement and the color of the cubes also depends on the rhythm. Fast sections are red and yellow, slow ones are purple and blue.

Music Racer game will keep you entertained for a long time at the first launch. You will get unforgettable pleasure and useful skills. For each track you complete, you will receive points. This will help you rise in the rankings among other players.

2. Circuroid

Circuroid app contains exercises to develop memory, reaction speed, accuracy and mindfulness. For example, the app will show you an arrow on a red or blue background. Your task is to slide your finger across the screen in the direction of the arrow.

In this application, you not only solve puzzles, but also participate in the competition. The algorithm will select an opponent of equal skill from among the users. You will complete three tasks at once and find out who is better.

To successfully fight in battle, you can train one skill or another separately. But don’t forget that the number of attempts is limited.

To use the application, you need to register. To register, you need to fill out a questionnaire about the skills you want to develop. Enter your email address and take the 3-minute test. During it, you need to solve problems from three categories. Thinking, memory and attention.

The exercises are divided into several groups. They develop memory, responsiveness, concentration and even language skills. There are several mini-games for each group, which also train memory well.

3. Squex: the reflex trainer

Squex: the reflex trainer is a game where you need to dodge moving rectangles using the red dot. Try to check your speed and accuracy. The point here is as simple as possible.

There are several blue cubes and a red dot in the center. You need to click on the circle in the center and try to hold out as long as possible so that no other object can touch you. You can’t touch the black frame, this adds complexity. The movement of the blue rectangles is completely random.

In the first seconds, they move in the same direction. So, holding out for five seconds will be quite simple, but then it will be incredibly difficult. You need to find a way to dodge everything.

Each time you set a new record and you can compete with your friends. The process is addictive and turns into real competition. Here only the reaction decides.

You can also change the game mode. Choose between limited and full. In full mode, it becomes much easier to watch the flying blocks. Hand movements become more accurate due to the increased size.