Toddler Games by Bimi Boo Kids

Bimi Boo Kids makes tons of games for older kids and even babies, but Toddler Gamers are arguably their best. This is a collection of 15 mini-games that teach kids a variety of skills, from sorting objects by color and shape to memorizing patterns and counting numbers. Each game is based on logic and promotes rational thinking, but at the same time, the cartoon graphics make them interesting for young children. The game is free to download and play, although some minigames must be unlocked by paying $ 4 for the full version.


Fishdom is a wonderful free game for kids that lets you build your dream aquarium. It combines solid match 3 puzzle game with an advanced fish tank simulator, rewarding players with new fish and decorations for their tank as they progress through the puzzle levels. The graphics are attractively vibrant and stylized, giving the fish a Disney-like look that will appeal to young children. Most importantly, the game allows players to feed and care for their fish, each with a different personality. Moreover, you can also play with your Facebook friends.

The Cook

Want to get your kids interested in cooking? A chef can be one of the best ways to do this. As the name suggests, this is a cooking simulator that challenges players to prepare meals. At the beginning of each level, you receive a recipe and a batch of ingredients. Then you need to start preparing the dish, and customers at your restaurant will complain or ask for changes if they don’t like your food. It can sometimes get bogged down with too many ads, but you can prevent this by turning off Wi-Fi after downloading the game.