Where’s My Water? 2

In this humorous family game, you and your kids will have to solve puzzles related to various substances and their physical behavior – water, steam, and so on. There are competitive missions that are limited in time, and cute characters, and high-quality graphics, and, of course, cognitive elements – what makes this game, besides purely entertaining, also useful.

Shopkins World!

Shopkins are now in trend – many children collect these cute creatures. In Shopkins: Welcome to Shopville, young gamers will have to play many mini-games, completing various tasks, receiving rewards and exploring various Shopkins. This bright development is capable of attracting attention for a long time and is very good to entertain.

Despicable Me

This title is intended for children over the age of 10 and offers a slightly more challenging gameplay than previous games. Choose your minion and then send him on a run with many obstacles, enemies and exciting missions. You need to avoid obstacles, deal with enemies, and also pick fruits and enjoy life.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

There are a lot of bubble shooters on the shelves of virtual app stores, but Inside Out looks quite original against their background. This is helped by the theme of the game – one of the most popular Disney cartoons of recent times called “Puzzle”. Your characters in this game will be emotions from the head of the main character of the tape – Joy, Sadness, Fear and so on. They will help you shoot bubbles by matching colors, collecting power ups and passing level after level.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

There is no need to prove the attractiveness of Minecraft for players of all ages – there is no doubt about this fact. If your child loves to create and build, then this is definitely his game. But for those who want to fight heroically, there is something to do here – because there are two modes in Minecraft Pocket Edition – creative, for fans of creativity, and survival, for those who want to test their strength.